3D Printed Tombstones

Set of 5 Tabletop Gaming Miniatures Cemetery Terrain – Gravestones / Tombstones. Condition is New, made when ordered. 3D printed tabletop gaming miniatures cemetery terrain – gravestones / grave markers / tombstones (set of 5) Tabletop gaming miniature gravestones/ grave markers / tombstones! 

Perfect for your next tabletop or role playing game!

  • -Dungeons & Dragons (D&D)
  • -Warhammer
  • -Warhammer 40,000 (40K)
  • -Sigmar
  • -Lord of the Rings
  • -Pathfinder
  • -Other role playing miniature games

$7.00 for a lot of 5 tombstones, free shipping.

3D Printed Slime Rancher Figurines

One super cute 3D printed slime from the popular video game Slime Rancher. Each slime measures approximately 1”-1.5”tall.

Slimes available: Boom, Boom (exploded), Dervish, Fire, Gold, Honey, Hunter, Lucky, Tabby, Mosaic, Pink, Puddle, Rad, Rock, Rock (hungry), and Tarr. (Please note that the Dervish slime is in 2-pieces. The outer ring is separate from the slime body.)

Colors to choose from: Black, Blue, Green, Peach, Purple, Red, White, or Yellow.

NOTE: These are fan-made cuties and NOT licensed or affiliated in any way with the creators of that awesome video game.

$5.00 each, plus $4.00 shipping.

Slime Type
Slime Type

PLA Filament Colors

All of our 3D printed items are printed with PLA Filament. All items may require sanding and priming prior to painting and/or use. As with all 3D Printed PLA items, these items may have small imperfections and/or print lines.

All items are sold as-is. Your item(s) will be printed upon order payment and will ship ASAP via USPS.