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“Seth has been helping me for years; I’m a senior and he is unbelievable in his patience and easy to follow instructions. Amazing teacher and very nice person.”
~Sandra J., Ventura

“Just want to say… We love our computer Tech, Seth Ralph, he really knows his stuff. He is soooo helpful and efficient. And for us older aged people, who didn’t grow up in this computer age, he is very patient as well. He just backed up our computer for us, he backed up and emptied out my I-cloud too, so that I could have more storage again. I was worried about losing everything due to the cloud being to full and really didn’t want to have to buy more storage. Plus our computer is getting a little old now and I’ve been worried about it crashing on us. So, Seth Ralph, Could not do it without you and I would recommend him to anyone having any type of computer issue or just to get a few lesson in on how to do things, he is great! Below is his information if you need him.”
~Cathy A., Camarillo

“I wrote my first program in 1964 while I was working on a problem in quantum mechanics in college, and I have followed and made use of computers and computer programs ever since then. I was one of the first in Oxnard to fully computerize his office, from billing to records to mailings of every sort, by writing my own databases that interconnected all the office functions with macro programs that I also wrote, in an integrated DOS system, years before Windows came along. I prospered because of my understanding and creativity with all that had to do with computers. I continued my use of computers through all Windows iterations up to Windows-10. I have utilized computer repair services too numerous to count, and never once found a trouble shooter that could tap as wide a field of knowledge to come up with the quickest, simplest, least disruptive (and by logical inference individually tailored, most efficient and inexpensive) solution. He is easy to reach, extremely communicative, quiet when he needs to be, and talkative when he needs to be, he will book within at most two days, and will turn up EXACTLY on the time agreed. You can set your watch by Seth’s knock on the door. He is a “rara avis in terris”, in a “terris” that is littered with the “buy two get one free and a thirty dollar coupon on your next call” crowd – he is a well reasoned sharp no frills professional.”
~D. Papaefthimiou, Oxnard

It doesn’t get better than Kim and Seth.  Techs will do the job for a reasonable price with kindness and professionalism–great combo for incredible service! 
~DT, Channel Islands, Oxnard

“Kim & Seth have upgraded both of our computers. Installed a better whole house wireless router. Installed internet on two TVs. All done as per quote, plus they came back when we had a question (no charge) and have answered question via email many time. We have just hired them for some more projects.”
~AWM, Oxnard

“If you want quality with an exact time frame and cost, use this consulting firm. Right now they involved in two projects with me, Belterra Retirement Home and Margaritaville in Biloxi, MS. On both projects, with limited instructions, TeCHS has created digital art pieces that were accepted by my clients without any problems. TeCHS will be involved in all my projects… basically, they make you look good!”
~Al Fiori, M.A. Design, elected fellow royal society of art, Oxnard

“My computer had been running really slowly for some time , I wasn’t really sure what was wrong with it and I was ready to toss it in the trash and buy a new one when I came across an ad in the City Shopper for techs. I called them and they came out right away. They were honest, helpful, professional and got the job done quickly. My computer runs like it’s brand new! Thanks guys.”
~John M., Ventura

“My laptop kept crashing and it took forever to download/ open a page or site, I called Seth and Kim and they came right over and fixed my laptop in just a few hours and for a very reasonable price… I am very glad I called them they saved me from having to spend way more money on a brand new laptop because now mine runs almost as good as it did when it was brand new…  Thank you! Thank you! For fixing my computer! It’s so much better now! You guys are awesome!”
~Crystal V., Ventura

“TeCHS helped me get my business image going with customized logos and business card design.  Their prices are very competitive and they always responded in a timely manner.  Would definitely recommend.”
~Ivan O., Camarillo

“Techs provide support that we can finally afford. Now I have someone to actually call to solve major and minor problems and to just keep everything running right. I purchased their yearly maintenance package and I can’t believe how cost effective it has turned out to be.”
~Steve N., Camarillo

“Having nice people to call has made all of my stress go away. They just come and take care of my computer or tech needs. I couldn’t ask for more.”
~ Judy C., Oxnard

“Great service at a great price. They are what I feel all businesses should do!”
~Mary J., Newbury Park

“All of my family photos were saved thank to Techs. They came to my home and cleaned up the virus and now everything works like new.”
~Sarah M., Ventura

“We finally found reliable, trustworthy people to help us with all of our tech needs.”
~Steven L., Ventura

“I just want to be able to communicate with my grandchildren and they taught me how to use Skype and how to get on Facebook. They were both so patient and kind and they didn’t make me feel like the computer nitwit that I am.”
~Linda J., Ventura

“The Seth and Kim tech team are unbeatable in terms of price, professionalism and performance. They purchased, installed and configured all of my computers, printers, iPad and my iPhone. I highly recommend them for any of your issues.”
~Peter N., Oxnard

“Being a small business owner, I really rely on my computers and phones for my company’s survival. They cleaned up all of my existing hardware and really sped up the efficiency of my computers. They also consolidated my business and cell phone plans and saved us over a $100 a month on our bills.”
~Chad S., Port Hueneme

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A short list of some of our valued TeCHS customers.

AG Millworks (Art Glass Millworks), Ahz Unlimited Studios, Arthur Murray Dance Studio, Beckner Construction, Belterra Senior Living Community, Bridge Crazy, CCM, California Lightworks, Channel Islands Prosthetics / Orthotics, Cleanwheel, D Events and Entertainment, Express Printing, Extended Learning Academy (ELA), Heidi Grossman, Home Designs & Granite, I & D Investment Group, Imprezzing, Island View Enterprises, Jay Byam, Jimmy Buffet’s Margaritaville, Kali Institute of Massage, Malika : Middle Eastern Dancer, Mark Alan – Author of the book “Mother Nature’s Angel”, Meridian Window Products, My Life Fitness LLC, National Association of Women in Construction : Ventura County Chapter #139, Noyola Janitorial and Cleaning Services, Ocean Pride Seafood, Pacific Corinthian Youth Foundation, Passport To Travel, Pillo1, Pirates Bar & Restaurant, Quality Paving : Landmark Grading & Paving, Inc. (LMGP), Salon D’ Marbella, Seniors CAN (Call for Action Now), Southern California Educational Institute, The House of Dance, The Nursery, The Piano Outlet, The Rico Group, Teaching Unity / Unity Works, Turtle Bay : Bay Rum Products, Twins Construction, Urban Farming Simplified, Ventura County Democratic Club, WTI, Inc., XPRESS Print, … and of course all of our wonderful home / private clients.

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