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Website Design and Social Media Graphics Portfolio

Please take a few minutes to browse some of Kim’s website and social media design work.

All media has been created by Kim at TeCHS from concept to completion. All media is copyright KMMR, TeCHS. Please keep in mind that any images or themes or content displayed here on this site, in any of the designs, do not necessarily represent the viewpoints of TeCHS. We create what we are hired to create and express no opinion as to the content of the designs. That being said, a few designs may have controversial material that not all viewers will agree with.

TeCHS owner, Kim, has been a professional graphic designer since 1998. Here we have tried to bring together as much of her digital artwork as she can find. The following is still just a small sample of the artwork she has created for many different companies and industries since she began designing over 19 years ago. Kim specializes in design, color, and layout. She has won multiple awards for her designs and photography.

Please feel free to contact TeCHS with any questions.

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