Cheap Cables – A Warning

charging cables

Did you know that the dollar store charging cable you bought and use on your devices just might be choking your tech to death? Did you know that recently there has been a huge influx of weaponized cables that can harm you as well as your device?

This is what is called Supply Chain Poisoning and it is kind of a big deal.

Cables are being sold right now with hidden malicious modifications that damage your devices and even steal data from your device and/or computer while you are charging it. Criminals have even found ways to embed small wireless transmitters right inside those skinny little cables.

Here are a few ways to protect yourself and your tech:

  • Buy only OEM cables from reputable dealers*
  • Charge your phone in a wall outlet – not connected to your computers’ USB port
  • Buy a USB protection adapter that blocks the data pins
  • Inspect any new cables for noticeable tampering

*Reputable dealers include stores like the Apple Store, Samsung’s online store, and Telco stores. Places like Amazon, WalMart, or your local Dollar Stores are not reputable dealers.

I know that OEM cables can be pricey but they are worth it. Don’t be caught with your cheap cable not only charging your phone… but also charging your credit card or stealing your identity!

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