Social Media and Biometrics Make Undercover Work Impossible

Social media has been on the rise for years and is now a staple of most people’s daily internet usage. Since pretty much everyone now-a-days uses social media for connecting with people and sharing photos – odds are good that there are multiple photos floating around of almost everyone on the internet whether that person uploaded them there or someone else did.

Now, social media coupled with biometrics could spell trouble for undercover police activities. For people whose livelihood truly depends on their anonymity social media and biometrics are making undercover operations no longer an option.

There are plenty of apps on the market that use biometrics to easily identify people based on their internet photos. Anyone can easily and cheaply pick up rudimentary biometric software for their computers and particularly for their smartphones. Police use these apps regularly to ID people on the street and mine social media for clues and help find suspects. The social media sites themselves use these apps to help you “tag” people in photos you upload. So if law enforcement is using these apps, doesn’t it make sense that criminals are too?



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