Science Fiction Devices Soon To Be In Your Household! : Flexible Cell Phones.

Cell phones moved into our lives as massive “brick-like” devices that were very expensive to own and operate and required a briefcase full of electronics to function. Now they are small, light-weight squares that fit easily in your pocket. People particularly want a cell phone that is resistant to damage, has all of the latest features and functions and is easy to carry around.

Flexible Cell Phones

Nokia has been working hard to break free from “traditional” cell phone designs and create futuristic flexible phones that you can fold up, roll, bend, clip to your clothes, and wrap around your wrist like a bracelet… basically it can be carried in a variety of ways never before possible. The first in their concept line is called the 888 which is a very light and easy to use cell phone that uses a liquid battery, has speech recognition capabilities, a flexible touch screen and a touch sensitive body.

Another Nokia concept, called Morph, takes the flexible idea another step further with a concept phone that can be folded up and put in your pocket and then easily taken out and actually stretched out to take call or use its touch keyboard. This phone utilizes nanotechnology to make the thread-like material of the phone flexible, stretchable, transparent and incredibly strong.

Of course Nokia isn’t the only company working on flexible phones. Samsung and Kyocera have both working on their own futuristic phones using OLEDs and the ability to charge the phone using kinetic energy. Others are sure to follow if the technology seems viable.

All I can say is how soon can I get my hands on one of these phones?



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